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Advertising on Forex Guide

There are two types of advertising opportunities at

For the first, every webpage on the site has Google Adsense ads on them, and you can target any page on the site or all of them with the Google Adwords advertising program.

You can sign up for using Google Adwords through the Adwords sign up page.

The other option is that you can have have your company featured on any of the site's pages (except the index page) with a one paragraph text insert featuring your company, for an annual fee.

There are several requirements for the text insert. Your company needs to be closely associated with the content of that page, and the inserted text (which comes from you, and you can choose where to insert it) needs to flow with the other text on the page.

The text insert and your company must be approved before it can be placed.

The text can contain one hypertext link to your website. However, if you want to advertise on more than one page on the site, there is an upper limit of three (3) hypertext links to your website, and the landing pages need to be approved as well.

Beyond the three hypertext links, you can have text urls for your site (e.g. without the hypertext link, one per page (none if you include a hypertext link).

The annual fee per page for the second advertising option is $50, for an advertising insert that runs for a year starting between January 1st, 2009 and December 31st, 2009, and ending on the same calendar date on 2010.

To get more information and sign up for second advertising option, please send an email to advertising[at] with the headline "Advertising on".

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