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aim investments

AIM investments are investments made into the Alternative Investment Market companies, listed in the London Stock Exchange.

AIM, London Stock Exchanges international market for smaller growing companies, is seen by many as the European alternative to investing in NASDAQ listed smaller growth companies, as both groups have similar investment-based profiles.

As a group of companies to invest in, on AIM you will find businesses ranging from venture capital-backed start-ups to well-established organizations looking to expand.

As for investment breadth, you can choose from over 2,500 companies listed in AIM.

One problem that you may encounter at the AIM market is the lack of liquidity for smaller companies. However, this problem is universal in nature in most markets around the world.

In fact, many AIM companies have made the transition to the Exchanges Main Market following their success and positive experience on AIM.

Why make AIM Investments

The objective for most AIM investors is to get into smaller companies on the early stages of their development.

However, keep in mind that the risk profile from investors perspective is different from the LSE's Main Market.

For example, to join AIM, companies do not need a particular financial track record or trading history. There is also no minimum requirement in terms of size or number of shareholders.

To learn more about investing in the AIM market, there are several professional groups, such as investment advisors and stockbrokers, that can help.

To learn more, the londonstockexchange.com web site, for example, has a searchable list of brokers available and additional information on the companies listed on AIM themselves.

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