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alternative real estate investments

Alternative real estate investments include distressed real estate and fixers. There are several sub-strategies to these major strategies.

Distressed real estate strategies have been gaining popularity very fast. This is because Internet is an ideal medium for finding lists of distressed property sales.

Distressed property category also normally includes more risk and more work on determining the value of the property.

Therefore, many have decided to specialize on this category alone as it offers some of the best possibilities to significant short-term gains in the real estate investing market.

Sub-strategies for distressed real estate include foreclosures, IRS auctions, OREOs, bankruptcy sales, and preforeclosures, for example.

Books on the subject of distressed real estate investing include

  • Distressed Real Estate Times: Offensive and Defensive Strategy and Tactics by John T. Reed
  • Foreclosures: How to profitably invest in distressed real estate by Andrew James McLean

Alternative Real Estate Investments - Fixers

Fixers are investments in real estate that can be improved by fixing and adding value to the house.

Many have found ways to make money in these as the discounts on fixer-uppers may be significant enough to profit handsomely after the fixing and consequent resale or rental of the property.

Traditionally, fixers have been mostly area for those that can make a lot of the fixing by themselves.

However, with proper planning, these investments may generate significant profitability even with most/all of the fixing made by third parties. And that is exactly why this alternative investment strategy for real estate is also rising fast in popularity.

Books on the subject include:

  • Investing in Fixer-Uppers : A Complete Guide to Buying Low, Fixing Smart, Adding Value, and Selling (or Renting) High by Jay P. DeCima
  • Fixers by John T. Reed

The books by John T. Reed are available from his web site, located at johntreed.com.

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