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angel investor uk

Angel investor UK groups provide start-up financing for promising UK companies, in areas such as biotechnology and ecommerce.

In the UK, there are angel-investor networks that provide start-up financing on both national and local levels.

These groups meet, formally or informally, to discuss deals and learn about the best new business opportunities.

There are no standards how the UK angel investor networks work: some networks may charge fees for you to be able to make presentations and some may charge a fee to apply for consideration.

Some even require an official introduction to the group by an angel member while others get investment ideas via the angel investor group's online site.

Lists of Angel Investor UK Networks

Best resources to find lists of Angel investor networks are located on web sites that are read by small and medium sized company owners and employees.

Taking an example from the U.S., such online publication is the INC.com web site.

Inc.com lists Angel investor networks for all U.S. areas, as well as those that work nationally.

The U.S. angel investor networks are not out of reach for the UK start-up either.

This is because there are networks that invest in specific types of companies, like technology-oriented companies, for example.

In fact, many groups describe their specific areas of expertise.

For example, UniversityAngels.com (University Angels) describe their specific areas of expertise (many deals in this area in other words) as financial services, health care, and technology industries.

For the UK, there is an organization named National Business Angels Network, which can connect you with the right groups.

Finally, if you're interested in joining an angel investor UK network, you can contact them directly with the matter by using NBAN channels.

Also, read the HBS article on the subject, discussing the topic of How to Be an Angel Investor by HBS professor Howard Stevenson and David Amis, previous Managing Director of the Venture Capital Report.

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