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arizona real estate investment brokers

Choosing suitable Arizona real estate investment brokers is easier with the help of the local Association of Realtors.

One of the best way to educate yourself of the real estate opportunities and available brokers may be to join one of the real estate investment clubs in your area.

For Arizona, these clubs include

  • Arizona Real Estate Investors Association (Phoenix & Tucson), contact phone: (480) 990-7092
  • Valley Real Estate Investment Club, contact phone: (480) 756-8855
  • Phoenix Real Estate Club, contact phone: (602) 944-2906
  • South East Valley Real Estate Investors Group, contact phone: (602) 617-1492
  • Cashflow Club, contact phone: (480) 720-9932
  • East Valley Real Estate Investors Group, contact phone: (480) 664-1521
  • Arizona Prosperity Investment Group, contact phone: (480) 539-7900
  • Tucson Real Estate Investors United, contact phone: (520) 940-5488
  • North American Real Estate Investors Group
  • American Dream Real Estate Investment Club, contact phone: (602) 870-1200

Such clubs may provide the needed networks of people and market tips to get you started with finding the best brokers and real estate investments in the Arizona.

Other, similar type of gatherings of investors are found on online groups. These groups, such as the ones on groups.yahoo.com and groups.msn.com, offer a place to discuss market conditions and exchange tips on how to invest in the Arizona real estate market.

For example, the last time I checked, a search query for "Arizona real estate" returned 34 groups on groups.msn.com, and 18 at groups.yahoo.com.

Arizona Real Estate Investment Brokers

To find realtors that can help you with Arizona real estate investments, you can always turn to the Arizona Association of Realtors (AAR) for advice.

The association has 22 local branches throughout Arizona, so there's bound to be one near you as well.

AAR's role is to partner with the local associations to supplement their programs, products, and services.

You can take a look at the 22 local branches of Arizona Association of Realtors at the AAR website.

The local branches are probably the best sources for local knowledge on available realtors, appraisers, and real estate investment brokers.

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