Bank of Canada Currency Exchange

Bank of Canada currency exchange rates are available on a daily basis and for historical rates going back 10 years.

The main page online for exchange rate information and data from the Bank of Canada is located at

The services include a currency converter, which is available for 56 currencies against the Canadian dollar. The rates include daily rates and a historical lookup to 10 years historical period.

There is also a daily rate data package, which has noon rates, which are available for the past five business days, online and also available in PDF and CSV formats. There is also a 10-year historical lookup for the daily rates, including $US close, low, high and 90-day rates and noon rates for all other currencies.

One of the most important measures that economists use to analyze the changes of the CAD and its effects on the economy is the Canadian dollar effective exchange rate index (CERI).

CERI has replaced the C-6 index as the Bank of Canada's measure of the value of the Canadian dollar vis-a-vis the currencies of its most important trading partners.

You can see the daily values of that measure as well as a 10-year lookup online.

Many research analysts use monthly exchange rates in their research. This data is available also at the online pages of the Bank.

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