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budget online stock trading

For budget online stock trading, there are discount commission brokerages, free news and charting resources, and free analysis packages available.

Internet has become truly a great place to find things for free or to compare service providers to get to the best prices.

For anyone wanting to trade as cheaply as possible, the competition among discount brokerages ensures that the commissions you pay for the lowest fee brokers are competitive in the market.

For comparisons of online brokerages, see

  • smartmoney.com/brokers/index.cfm?story=intro (2003 broker survey)
  • weissratings.com/News/Broker/20020514broker.htm
  • jdpower.com/cc/finance/search.asp?CatID=5 (2003 Online Trading Investor Satisfaction Study)
  • keynote.com/solutions/performance_indices/broker_index/broker_trading.html (Keynote Web Broker Trading Index)

To find additional online and discount brokerages, the available directories offer a great variety of them to research. These directory listings include:

  • dir.yahoo.com/Business_and_Economy/
  • Shopping_and_Services/Financial_Services/Investment_Services/Brokerages/Discount/
  • dmoz.org/Business/Investing/Brokerages/Online_Brokers/

Budget Online Stock Trading - Free News, Charting, and Analysis

Free resources for stock market research purposes include free charting packages, free news feeds, and analysis.

For analysis, some of the best and most reputable resources are the available investment banks. For a list of Investment banks, see, for example, careers-in-finance.com/iblist.htm .

The major investment banks have big stock research teams, which cover stocks and areas of economy to a high detail. At times, these teams offer some of their research for free to potential clients. If you're one in that category, you should contact the investment banks' research teams representatives to get included in the mailing list of analysts.

Some of the analysts' reports are free (downloadable) to all.

For charting, you can find charts from such places as bigcharts.com, free of charge. These tools allow you to do basic technical analysis with the charts, assisting in your research efforts.

Finally, to get free real-time quotes, there are something called real-time ECN Quotes. These are real-time quotes from participating ECNs and the quote does not necessarily represent the best bid or ask in the marketplace.

ECN's (Electronic Communications Networks) are electronic marketplaces that match buy and sell orders with each other.

ECNs include: