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california real estate investments

Opportunities for California real estate investments are regularly discovered at real estate investment club meetings, of which there are plenty in California.

California real estate clubs for investing are great places to discover new opportunities in California real estate markets and to get to know other investors chasing after similar opportunities.

There's plenty of room for all real estate investors in California, as it is divided into many different areas of real estate, both geographically and in terms of property types.

To familiarize yourself with the local investing environment and to discover investment opportunities, you can go to the investment clubs that concentrate on real estate.

For California, the CA real estate investment clubs include:

  • Real Estate Investors Club of Los Angeles, contact phone: (310) 793-7069
  • San Diego Creative Investors Association, contact phone: (858) 499-1018
  • Orange County Real Estate Forum, contact phone: (949) 726-8446
  • Chico Real Estate Investors Group
  • Bay Area Wealth Builders Association, contact phone: (707) 996-6411
  • San Jose Real Estate Investors Club, contact phone: (408) 998-0494
  • Prosperity in Motion, contact phone: (925) 465-9574
  • East Bakersfield Redevelopment Investment Group, contact phone: (661) 747-1005
  • Bay Area Investors Educational Services, contact phone: (510) 339-9014
  • Ventura County Real Estate Investor Group
  • Real Estate Investing Club of San Luis Obispo, contact phone: (650) 714-2364
  • Directed Real Estate Professionals, contact phone: (818) 795-2780
  • Serious & Creative Investors, contact phone: (818) 379-3316
  • Sam Sadat's National Club of Real Estate Investors, contact phone: (800) 998-9930
  • Santa Paula Investment Club, contact phone: (805) 921-0562
  • Sacramento Valley Real Estate Investors Club, contact phone: (916) 791-3032
  • Investors World, contact phone: (415) 883-1710
  • Fresno Real Estate Club, contact phone: (559) 277-8910
  • New Real Estate Investors Club, contact phone> (530) 846-1414
  • Autumn Leaf Investment Group, contact phone: (909) 766-6586 and (909) 766-8411
  • Inland Empire Investors Forum, contact phone: (909) 898-1175
  • North County Real Estate Investors Club, contact phone: (760) 809-4666
  • Paravision Real Estate Solution
  • REI Sacramento
  • Investors Workshop of Orange County, contact phone: (714) 496-2551
  • EmeryNet Real Estate Group, contact phone: (510) 653-9518
  • South San Jose, contact phone: (408) 806-0718
  • Tri-Valley Real Estate Investment Club, contact phone: (925) 642-0621
  • Monterey Bay Real Estate Investment Club, contact phone: (831) 655-1644 ext. 19li>SkywardInvestors Club, contact phone: (818) 761-4977
  • East Bay Wealth Builders Club, contact phone: (925) 648-1558
  • Capital City Wealth Builders, contact phone> (800) 650-1315
  • Real Estate Strategies Network, contact phone: (310) 791-9008
  • San Bernardino County Investment Club, contact phone: (909) 910-1478
  • South Bay Real Estate Club, contact phone: (310) 265-0355
  • Santa Cruz Real Investment Group, contact phone: (831) 476-8608
  • Autumn Leaf Investment Group, contact phone: (951) 766-6586
  • SoCal REIC, contact phone: (310) 592-4045 and (310) 937-3600
  • The Network Gate, contact phone: (818) 398-3663
  • Puerto Penasco, contact phone: (310) 686-4461
  • Santa Cruz Cashflow Club, contact phone: (831) 724-2280
  • OC Investor, contact phone: (949) 874-5704

California Real Estate Investments

Good sources for any type of real estate investment information are the realtor associations throughout the country.

For California real estate investments, there is the California Association of Realtors, that provides information on local and national real estate developments (which sometimes can be seen as investment opportunities), as well as real estate listings, and information on California brokers of commercial real estate.

To find a specific type of realtor to assist you in your California real estate investments efforts, you can use their online tool to locate California real estate brokers for investing (opens up a new window) and other real estate market professionals.

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