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canadian bond market

Canadian bond market information is available from various resources, including market participants (banks and brokerages), as well as from the Central Bank of Canada.

Interest in the Canadian bond market has risen in the U.S. as investors are continuously seeking for better returns and opportunities to diversify their investments also geographically.

And because the bond market in Canada has many attractive characteristics as an investment target, its popularity has risen all the time within the investment community.

Traditionally, the Canadian government bond issuance has been a major driver of the bond market, but lately the shift has been towards alternative markets, such as MBS (Mortgage-Backed Securities), CMBS (Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities), and ABS (Asset-Backed Securities) markets.

Other areas of rising market interest include the corporate bond market, with the "high yield" end of that sector developing rapidly.

Canadian Bond Markets - Central Bank

As an information source, the Central Bank is a good place to start for many countries.

For Canada, the mission of The Bank of Canada is to promote the economic and financial welfare of Canada, by conducting monetary policy in a way that fosters confidence in the value of money supplying quality bank notes that are readily accepted and secure against counterfeiting

promoting the safety and efficiency of Canada's financial system providing efficient and effective funds-management services communicating our objectives openly and effectively and standing accountable for our actions.

Bank of Canada also helds government security auctions, for which information is provided in the bankofcanada.ca web site. There, you can find schedules, results of tenders, rules, terms and applications, as well as a list of dealers and distributors, plus much more.

Canadian Bond Market - Other Resources

In addition to the Bank of Canada web site, lot of information can be found on the market participants web sites, as well as from the various Canadian portals for financial information.

One such web site is located at bondcan.com, which covers the bond market from a Canadian perspective.

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