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Currency Exchange Indiana

Currency exchange Indiana bureaus include 165th & Calumet Av Currency Exchange, Broadway Currency Exchange, and Highland Currency Exchange.

There are currency exchange bureaus located throughout the state of Indiana.

If you arrive by plane to the state's International airports, there should be several booths with currency exchange facilities available at those airports.

International airports in Indiana include:

  • Indianapolis International Airport
  • Terre Haute - Hulman Field Intl. Airport

You can also change currency at many upper-scale hotels and regular banks throughout Indiana, but keep an eye on the exchange rates charged by especially by hotels, as they can be much worse than the ones at dedicated currency exchange operations.

Currency Exchange Indiana Directory

165th & Calumet Av Currency Exchange
6508 Calumet Avenue
Hammond IN 46324
Phone: (219) 932-2433

47th & Broadway Currency Exchange
4755 Broadway
Gary IN 46409
Phone: (219) 887-2224

Broadway Currency Exchannge
3765 Broadway
Gary IN 46409
Phone: (219) 985-9548

East Chicago Currency Exchange
803 W Chicago Avenue
East Chicago IN 46312
Phone: (219) 398-6922

Highland Currency Exchange
8357 Indianapolis Boulevard
Highland IN 46322
Phone: (219) 923-5429

Payday Loan Store
3765 Broadway
Gary IN 46409
Phone: (219) 884-2900

Payday Loan Store
1402 E Columbus Drive
East Chicago IN 46312
Phone: (219) 397-9850

Payday Loan Store
792 Broadway
Gary IN 46402
Phone: (219) 882-7898

Payday Loan Store
4600 W Fifth Avenue
Gary IN 46406
Phone: (219) 944-8332

Payday Loan Store
6022 Broadway
Merrillville IN 46410
Phone: (219) 884-4340

Signal Travel & Tours Incorporated
330 W Cleveland Road
Granger IN 46530
Phone: (574) 271-8700

Speedy Check Cashers Incorporated
1030 E Ridge Road
Griffith IN 46319
Phone: (219) 923-0900

Speedy Check Cashers Incorporated
4705 S Calumet Avenue
Hammond IN 46327
Phone: (219) 932-6669

Travel Accident Insurance & Foreign Exchange
2500 S High School Road
Indianapolis IN 46241
Phone: (317) 241-0440

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