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day trading live coaching

Because the specifics of the market strategies, day trading live coaching can be very beneficial to those thinking of improving their skills in the day trading area.

When trading on intra-day basis (day trading), there are some specific areas that you need to take into account when starting to trade in the market.

Day trading has to take into account some specific factors, such as the liquidity of the market, time of the day factors (volume changes throughout the day), and other factors that can affect intra-day trading results.

In day trading, the margins for error are usually smaller than they are for the long-term investor.

Because of this, having a live coach see over your trading can save you a lot of time and effort in learning the ropes of the intra-day market.

The forms in which coaching can take place can be in-person coaching, over the phone, or within an online coaching session.

Some prefer to get a mentor-type of relationship, where the education is more of a long-term commitment (and subsequently costs usually much more than single coaching sessions do).

While it's important to learn some of the specifics of the intra-day market, you should look for resources that offer you a complete approach to intra-day trading, including but not limited to risk management, entry and exit signals, and rules on which markets, instruments, or sectors to trade.

Day Trading Live Coaching Resources

There are many online and offline schools for coaching. However, in this case it's important to get live assistance, overseeing of the trades, and these resources are far more scarce.

Resources that offer live assistance include:

  • tradingacademy.com (Online Trading Academy)
  • daytradinguniversity.com
  • daytradingcoach.com

In addition to these resources, you can also ask for live trading coaching from those companies that provide mentoring programs and other live education sessions.

Risk Disclosure and Terms of Use

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