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Euro currency picture information is available from free web resources. In addition to Euro notes, you can find pictures of the coins that have country specific sides on them (that helps you to identify in which EMU country the coin originated).

The Euro banknotes and coins were put into circulation on January 1, 2002. The launch was done with a huge publicity campaign that included TV commercials, radio ads, and an Internet site to make the new currency more familiar to the millions of Europeans now using the new currency.

Euro banknotes and coins are now a part of daily life for over 300 million Europeans in the euro area.

There are seven different denominations in the current euro banknote series, ranging from the 5 to the 500 note.

For coins, there are eight different denominations in the current series, ranging from the 1 cent to the 2 coin.

To see what the notes and coins look like, see:


Euro Currency Picture - Other Resources

Apart from the official European Central Bank resource, there are other sources for pictures, news and information about the European currency.

One such site is, a site aimed at world paper money collectors. The site features detailed and sharp pictures of the euro notes, plus additional useful information.

It is also a great resource if you want to browse old currency notes from the EMU countries where euro was taken into use and replaced the old notes.

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