Explain Option Trading

Resources that explain option trading are available from CBOE and other institutions.

CBOE Chicago Board of Options Exchange

This site is home to the CBOE interactive learning center where you can find learning materials and online training to enhance your options knowledge.

If you decide to use the MyCBOE version of the learning center, you can opt in to receive event calendar to your inbox, CBOE eNews Newsletter, and more.

Their learning tools include

  • Online Tutorials: Self-guided tutorials.
  • Online Courses: Self-paced interactive courses.
  • Educational Webcasts: Live interactive presentations.
  • Options Seminars and Events: Seminars on option-related topics.
  • Master Sessions: Seminars for the serious trader and investor.
  • Customized Programs: Customized programs for all types of investors and investment professionals.

Yahoo Finance Options

This is the options department of the Yahoo Finance portal. The education for options trading includes:

  • Basic Options Concepts
  • Advanced Options Concepts
  • Options Strategies: Bullish
  • Options Strategies: Bearish

There are also other option tools available at the site besides education, including

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