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financial times

Financial Times (FT) in a major global power in the financial and investment news and analysis world.

Here's a quick review of their online site's services and tools.

For the first, there are four different versions of FT online: Asian, European, UK, and US versions.

Each of these versions has a localized feel to it, providing more space and emphasis for local stories.

FT also has partner sites, Les Echos, FT Deutschland, and chinese.FT.com.

FT is one of the major publications that has investigative reporting creating exclusive breaking news.

The level of analysis is also high, making FT one of the most read financial publications among financial market professionals, such as analysts, traders, and brokers.

Financial Times - Online Site Sections

The online site is divided into the following major sections for quick access to relevant stories:

  • World (for global major news)
  • Business (for major business news)
  • Markets (analysis of equities, commodities, and currencies markets)
  • Markets & funds data (tools to search and analyze funds, bonds, equities, and forex)
  • Industries (news and analysis on different equity market sectors)
  • Lex
  • Comment & analysis (editorials, columnists, discussion)
  • Technology
  • Management (books, education, people, science & health, etc.)
  • Your money
  • Arts & Weekend
  • Sport
  • Jobs & classifieds

In today's FT (top stories from the print version)

FT is also known for in-depth reports on different market sectors of the economy. Many of these reports are readable online.

However, these are premium services, requiring subscription log-in.

Used together, the tools, analysis, and news offer a well-rounded view of current financial affairs.

Some of the market sectors (such as derivatives) are not covered at the highest detail, and you may find more detailed analysis on market-area specific publications.

Risk Disclosure and Terms of Use

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