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gold coin investments

Gold coin investments are an area of investment into itself, requiring expertise in grading the coins (although there are grading agencies available, such as pcgs.com and ngccoin.com).

In fact, when starting investing on gold coins, it's good to take a look at the guidelines these grading services give to valuing coin holdings.

The different types of collectible gold coins commonly include (but are not excluded to), according to Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS):

  • Gold Dollars (1849 - 1889)
  • Early $2.50 (1796 - 1839)
  • Liberty Head $2.50 (1840 - 1907)
  • Indian Head $2.50 (1908 - 1929)
  • Three and Four Dollars (1854 - 1889)
  • Early $5 (1795 - 1838)
  • Liberty Head $5 (1839 - 1908)
  • Indian $5 (1908 - 1929)
  • Early $10 (1795 - 1804)
  • Liberty Head $10 (1838 - 1907)
  • Indian $10 (1907 - 1933)
  • Liberty Head $20 (1849 - 1907)
  • Saint Gaudens $20 (1907 - 1933)

The grading may vary from one grading agency to another. For example, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) uses Sheldon numerical scale, which varies from 1 to 70.

This is also considered the standard rating scale for the industry.

In some instances, the graders may feel necessary to add supplemental information describing a particular coin more fully.

This also makes valuing them more difficult.

Gold Coin Investments - Finding Coins

In order to make investments into the coin market, you need to find offers for coins from the marketplace.

These coins are commonly available from coin collector shops as well as from auctions, such as eBay.

When buying from auctions, reputable grading agencies gradings of the coins will increase the certainty of pricing into the coin in question.

As in any other investment form, the basic idea is to make profit from these investments.

Therefore, you have to study proper valuation of the coins, as well as how the market forces, such as supply and demand for different coin types.

Different books into the coin market include: