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government of canada savings bonds

Government of Canada Savings Bonds (CSBs) were created in 1946 by the Government of Canada to help Canadians reach their savings and investment goals.

The bonds offer guaranteed returns and the option of redeeming at anytime, making them appealing both from security and flexibility point of views.

The savings bonds are fully backed by the Government of Canada with rates of interest that will be increased when market conditions warrant.

Buying Government of Canada Savings Bonds

There are several ways to start investing into the Canadian savings bonds. These methods include:

  • ordering the savings bonds online (csbdirect.csb.gc.ca)
  • by telephone from most banks, credit unions, caisse populaires or trust companies across Canada, as well as from most full service investment dealers and discount brokerage companies through a Canadian program called Payroll Savings Program

There are two types of government of Canada savings bonds available: regular interest bonds and compound interest bonds.

Regular interest bonds earn simple interest at the rates determined by the Minister of Finance until the earlier of maturity and redemption, based on the denomination of the regular interest bonds.

Any simple interest will be paid to you on each annual anniversary until maturity, or at the time of redemption unless the regular interest bonds are redeemed during the 11th and 12th months following the issue date and annual anniversary dates.

The other form is compound interest bonds, which yield compound interest at the rates determined by the Minister of Finance until the earlier of maturity and redemption based on the interest earned on each annual anniversary of the issue date prior to maturity.

Any compound interest will be paid at the time of redemption.

Risk Disclosure and Terms of Use

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