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history of the new york stock exchange

The history of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) has origins dating back to more than 200 years, to the signing of the Buttonwood Agreement by 24 New York City stockbrokers and merchants in 1792.

One of the first and best resources for the history of the Exchange is the official web site, located at nyse.com.

There, look for "About the NYSE" section, which has a sub-section titled "Historical Perspective".

That section contains

  • Timeline: important milestones in the Exchange's history, from 1653 to the present day.
  • Fact Book: historical data, including historical prices, membership prices, member firm information, bond and stock issuers, and other information.
  • The Building: history of the several building the Exchange has housed since 1817.
  • Firsts & Records: presidents, chairmen and CEOs, members & member firms, listed companies, market activity, and trading floor technology

Books About the History of the New York Stock Exchange

Throughout the years, there have been several books written on the NYSE's history.

NYSE has stand the test of time, even though some of the writers have speculated on the ability of the exchange to fit their practices to modern times.

Books with a perspective on the NYSE history include:

  • Revolution on Wall Street: The Rise and Decline of the New York Stock Exchange by Marshall E. Blume, Jeremy J. Siegel (Contributor), Dan Rottenberg
  • New York Stock Exchange: The First 200 Years by Blodgett N.Y.S.E.: A History of the New York Stock Exchange, 1935-1975 by Robert Sobel
  • The Big Board: A History of the New York Stock Market by Robert Sobel

There are also histories of the exchange online (in addition to the history available at the NYSE web site), in places such as en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NYSE.

There are also great historical pictures of the Exchange at picturehistory.com (look for "new york stock exchange" without the quotes).

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