Investing Online for Beginners

Guide to investing online for beginners with tips on tools, companies, and methods.

The first step in starting your online investing journey is typically figuring out your investment strategies.

For most of the strategies, whether it is investing a fixed amount to mutual funds each month or buying NYSE listed stocks, for example, there are possibilities to do so online.

For some of the most advanced investment strategies, such as investing in hedge funds, you usually need to be in direct offline contact with the company due to restrictions to the industry in marketing and offering their products.

Once you know your investment strategy, you should see what are the best firms to use for your investment strategy.

Personally, I've found that for my stock investment strategy, the bank that I have a savings account with does not have the best facilities or fees to do stock investing with.

When you find the financial institution you can do online business with for your investing strategy, most offer online account opening, with many requiring a lot of documents faxed, authorized, etc before you can transfer the initial minimum account balance required.

It may seem like quite a lot of work, but using a great company for your investing will pay dividends later.

When you choose these investment companies to do online investing with, you should compare the companies an the features that matter to you. These features may include (but are not limited to):

  • trading fees
  • margin requirements
  • online trading platform (easiness of use, do you download it or use server based software, analysis tools included etc.)
  • tech support (live is what matters most, based on personal experience)
  • alternative ways to trade if you cannot get to the web or the web is not working correctly for you (phone, fax, etc)
  • easiness and fees associated with closing an account

Whichever online financial firm you choose, make an extra effort to familiarize yourself with their systems and tools, to make sure that your financial future is not dependent on you making mistakes on the online platform they provide.

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