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Jim Rogers Investing

If you're interested in Jim Rogers investing and doing it with him, there are a few ways to do so, indirectly.

Jim Rogers is one of the legendary fund managers, who retired after he generated a 4200% return for his clients at Quantum Fund, together with another legendary fund manager, George Soros.

Because Jim retired from active fund management in 1990, and has been out of the fund management business ever since, there is no direct way to invest into his investment philosophy.

However, there are some indirect ways to invest the way he sees the investment opportunities reveal themselves.

For the first, Rogers developed a commodities index fund called the Rogers International Commodities Index (RICI), which tracks the commodities market with weightings that correspond to the weightings and views held by him.

There are now funds that track this index, so you can invest into Jim's views on commodities by investing into these tracker funds. Information on the index, and the funds that track the index, is available at the official website for the index, at rogersrawmaterials.com.

Another way, which you can invest according to the worldview on investments held by Rogers, is to invest into the companies that he invests himself, according to the interviews given by him.

For example, as of early 2009, Rogers announced that he was developing agricultural land in two locations, Canada and Brazil, and these companies are managed like funds, as they take outside investment capital to finance the fund, meaning you can participate in the funds yourself.

The interviews that Jim does are a great way to invest like Jim Rogers. In addition, he has been very active writer, meaning you can read his thoughts from several investment books, such as the popular titles "Investment Biker", "Adventure Capitalist", "Hot Commodities" and "Bull in China".

One of the main ways that you can keep up to date on the latest interviews by Jim Rogers is to use YouTube and look for channels that concentrate on Jim's work, such as the JimRogersChannel. You can also do keyword searches for "Jim Rogers" on cnbc.com and bloomberg.com to find the latest video interviews done by him for these channels.

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