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Jim Rogers Investments

Jim Rogers investments and portfolio are widely reported in his interviews and books.

Back in the period from 1970 to 1980 you could have invested into Jim Rogers' views with his fund (with George Soros), the world-famous Quantum Fund, which had an investment return, reportedly, of 4200% during that period.

Since 1980, however, he has retired from active fund management, and is only active in the investment field as an author, commentator, and individual investor.

There are ways to build your investment portfolio to mirror the views of Jim Rogers without investing with him, as he is a very sought-out commentator on an ongoing basis for the bigger financial channels, such as CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business.

To find his latest interviews from CNBC, check out: CNBC Jim Rogers interviews

For Bloomberg TV, the link (opens up a new window) is: Bloomberg TV Jim Rogers interviews

And for Fox Business, the link (opens up a new window) is: Fox Business Jim Rogers interviews

In the interviews, he is often, almost each time, asked what he is invested into, and those are often the most relevant part of the discussion, because Rogers is not shy on telling which asset-classes he is invested into.

Apart from his interviews, Jim Rogers' books are often the other major source of insight into his personal portfolio of investments.

For example, he has written two books about global investment opportunities "Investment Biker" and "Adventure Capitalist", a book about his views on commodities in "Hot Commodities", and China in the book "A Bull in China".

Although these books should be read in the context of the time they are written, they are in a sense also a basis for an investment philosophy of Jim Rogers that you cannot learn from anywhere else.

His views are often very long term, which also makes many of his books relevant for the very long term investment horizon.

For example, the book "A Bull in China" is mostly about the tremendous investment opportunities in China in the 21st century perspective, which is quite a long term perspective for an investment book.

In that regard, he is so bullish on the China story, that he moved with his family to Singapore, to be near China and let his children learn Chinese in a native environment.

In fact, Jim has often said, "moving to China in 2007 is like moving to London in 1807, or New York in 1907", which puts emphasis on his views that China is going to be the dominant economy of the 21st century.

As for market timing, if you watch his interviews, you will find out that he is not big on market timing as a determinant of investment success.

Instead, he will invest into asset classes that have a strong fundamental base, often stemming from his views on the supply/demand picture for the asset class.

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