Personal Finance and Investing Calculator

Personal finance and investing calculator tools allow you to follow your portfolio and make scenarios based on what might happen to it.

One of the best set of tools in this regard is available from Kiplinger at

They have tools for stocks, funds, bonds, budgeting, college, credit, insurance, real estate, taxes, retirement, savings, retirement income, and cars.

With the tools, you can find out different financial characteristics of your portfolio, such as the time to maturity of your bond portfolio, how forex rates affect your stock portfolio, and tools to compare student loans.

Another good set of tools is available from Morningstar at

One of the most used tools is a calculator for retirement savings, which tries to estimate if you're saving or planning on saving enough to finance your retirement.

Their other tools, beyond personal finance, have to do with portfolio and mutual funds, with screeners, trackers, and portfolio tools to manage and allocate funds in your possession in a productive way.

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