real estate foreclosure investing

Real estate foreclosure investing involves investing and profiting from distress properties.

The foreclosure process starts from the first notice of default to the foreclosure sale or auction to the final disposition of the property. It’s essential to understand the features and rules of investing in such properties.

Because these are special types of properties, risks are also generally considered to be higher in these properties, but so are the potential profits.

Due to the high requirements for research before purchase (understanding the legal principles, finding potential liabilities attached to the property, etc.), many real estate investors have decided to specialize in foreclosures.

Real Estate Foreclosure Investing Resources

Most of the resources that you can find online considering real estate foreclosures are lists of available foreclosure properties.

Some of these are free lists while others are available for a fee.

These listings include:

  • (for NY area)

For those that are not seeking lists of foreclosures but rather want to educate themselves about this specific area of real estate investing, there are lots of educational resources to learn from.

Many of the same sites that list available foreclosure properties also provide educational resources.

You can also learn a lot from discussion groups and online forums that discuss the foreclosure market.

Following the discussion can potentially save you from some of the pitfalls associated with real estate investing in foreclosures.

Discussion groups for foreclosures can be found from, for example, and

For example, the last time I checked, there were 71 groups for search query “foreclosure” (without the quotes) on and 76 for

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