real estate investment business plans

Formal real estate investment business plans are a way for you to organize your thoughts on the investment strategy, make the thoughts presentable to potential investors of debt or equity financing, present the case to consultants and similar potentially helpful participants.

When making documents of any sort, it's usually beneficial to see examples of similar documents made in the past, and business plans are no exception.

Online, there are lots of examples of generic type of business plans, but less for real estate investment companies.

Some of the content items in such plans for real estate companies might include:

  • management summary,
  • company description,
  • product and service description,
  • market analysis,
  • marketing strategy,
  • financial statement,
  • risk analysis, and
  • future strategy

The level of detail and what to include in a business plan depends on the company type as well as on which market the company will participate in.

Resources for Real Estate Investment Plans

Luckily, there are companies selling available business plans by major lines of business online.

One of these companies is

Another one is located at, which has a commercial database of business plans ranging from accounting business plans to real estate investment business plans to yoga studio business plans.

Once you've got examples and typical plans on your hand, you can think about the best way to approach your potential audience.

Remember that investors and other contacts that business plans are represented are usually looking for a generic format in the presentation.

This helps them find information quicker and easier.

Therefore, you should think about keeping to the generally accepted formats for your own business plan.

Making an original and inventive business plan may work in some cases, but usually investors, for example, are looking for hard data and analysis to base their decisions (and won't easily be impressed by flashy, innovative presentations).

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