real estate investment calculators

Real estate investment calculators can be in spreadsheet format, or as commercial or free software packages.

These tools will help you calculate potential financial scenarios more efficiently.

The idea of planning through different scenarios is to minimize surprises (you prepare for many different outcomes), base decisions on numbers in addition to that age old location-location-location rule, and filter out only the best investment opportunities according to your criteria.

These calculators are also great for making detailed financial projections for real estate business plan purposes.

There are tools for both residential and commercial real estate investments.

Some of the tools and reports that these packages offer are:

  • impact of different mortgages/property loans on investment return
  • Cash Flow reports
  • IRR reports
  • sales proceeds analysis
  • annual operating data
  • debt-equity analysis
  • ratio analysis
  • different types of inputs and assumptions
  • tax impact analysis

Available Real Estate Investment Calculators

As real estate investments have always been a favorite of investors around the world, there is also a sizeable number of available software tools for helping on real estate investment decision making.

The available software tools include:

  • Real Estate Analyzer Pro ( Real Estate Investment Software for residential or commercial real estate investment analysis.
  • Real Estate Investment Analysis Gold Edition (
  • RealData Real Estate Calculator (at, FREE)

RealData also offers other, commercially available tools besides the free downloadable real estate calculator.

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