real estate investment directories

You can find real estate investment directories information from the major online directories on the web, as well as from specialized real estate directories.

The major directories on the web include

  • (in association with LookSmart)

Of these three major directories, Yahoo has real estate investment related directory listing in several categories.

These categories include

  • Shopping_and_Services/Real_Estate/Property_Information/

DMOZ is a directory upheld by volunteers, making new additions sometimes slow to find into the categories for real investment opportunities.

However, DMOZ is regarded as one of the best directories, as the volunteers generally are experts on their own field (and thus know what type of links best benefit the visitors).

DMOZ real estate investment directories categories include:

  • Real_Estate/Real_Estate_Investment_Trusts/

Finally, of the three major directories, is associated with LookSmart.

LookSmart is a directory with commercial listings supplemented by the sites listed through

It is also regarded to be of high value, not only because of the mix of commercial and non-commercial web sites present.

If you don't find what you're looking for from these three, try adding into your search.

Real Estate Investment Directories - Specialized Directories

Most of the smaller niche directories that list real estate investment web sites are commercial, driven by inclusion services.

Therefore, you'll find a lot of commercial web sites, offering their services, while much of the independent non-commercial research on the real estate markets can be found from the major directories.

Some of these niche directories for real estate include:

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