real estate investment software

Real estate investment software aims to improve your results by automating some of the calculations and considerations that go into investing in real estate.

Naturally, all aspects of real estate investing cannot be automated, as most of the properties need human evaluation as well.

Also, some features of prestige, such as location of the property and the value of views from the property many times require human assessment.

However, software packages can be of great help in evaluation of, for example:

  • income and expense projections
  • ranking of potential real estate development targets by variables
  • sensitivity analysis for different scenarios (change interest rates, purchase price, etc.)
  • evaluation of different mortgages to finance the purchase locating and evaluation of special property categories (e.g. foreclosures)

Generally speaking, the software packages let you take some of the emotional aspects of real estate investing and rely more on the strength of numbers based analysis.

Available Real Estate Investment Software

Using commercial software packages for real estate investment analysis may not be your first choice. In fact, many investors develop their own models with the help of such spreadsheet programs as MS Excel.

The commercial packages can save a lot of money and effort, though, and some of them provide databases of financial data on real estate properties for you to practice analysis skills on.

Available commercial real estate analysis software include:

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