savings bond values

If you would like to know savings bond values in your portfolio, there are handy tools straight from the Treasury to calculate just that.

Canadians can also calculate the values of their savings bond online.

The primary tool available for calculating your bond value is located at


In addition to finding the current value of your bond, you can also find historical values.

To do that, just change the "Value as of" date at the top of the calculator to the desired date (the calculator works for historical periods from 01/1996 to the current period).

To find historical values in a table format, for research or other purposes, these can be found from Treasury web site as far as back as 1941, at:


You can use the tables to find values for any Series E Bond, Series EE Bond, I Bond, or Savings Note.

The downloadable file gives you values and interest earned for all denominations.

Savings Bond Values - Canada

For Canadiens, there are also helpful tools to find the values of the local savings bonds.

The main site for the different valuation tools is located at:


The tools in the web site include:

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