stock market board games

Stock market board games make for an entertaining evening for people interested in the markets.

There are many of these games around, including Stock Market Tycoon Board Game and Mr. Bigshot: A Stock Market Game.

For the first, Stock Market Tycoon Board Game comes with a game board, two dices, 100 Market cards, 14 Day Trade cards, 20 Dream & Reality cards, a Stock Certificates pad, a Stock Price List pad, eight playing pieces and Stock Market Tycoon money.

The game is intended for 2 to 8 players, offering thrills of the stock market the low-risk way.

The game is a product of Cherry Games, developers of other games including Dont Be A Dork Board Game, I Love Lucy Game, and Newlywed Board Game.

The Mr. Bigshot game has official web site located at

That site offers an online demo of the gameplay, CD-ROM version of the game, and other information.

From the site, you can also buy Mr. Bigstuff stuff, including shirts, housewares, and bags.

The company behind Mr. Bigstuff is currently developing a new version of the board game, with improved rules and game play.

Finally, if you're looking for something special as a corporate gift, you can get a branded version of the Mr. Bigshot Stock Market Game, complete with your company's logo and tailored content.

Stock Market Board Games - Other Resources

In addition to these two board games for the stock market, you can find additional games from such publishers as:

  • Western Publishing Whitman (Stock Market Game, may not be available anymore)
  • Stock Rush Inc. (Stock Rush! board game, see

Once you've had enough of the board games, you may want to experience online stock market games, such as:

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