Stock Market Websites

Stock market websites include Google Finance, MarketWatch, and StockPickr.

Google Finance

Google Finance is one of the fastest growing resources for basic financial information on the stocks traded on the stock exchanges around the world.

The site has been praised in the past for its logical charts, offering basic fundamental information on a logical package, and providing links to further information such as ownership structure.


Marketwatch is a financial news information resource that is updated throughout the trading day, and has many categories of information for all types of traders, including charts at, for those inclined to see the information in a more graphical format.

The service is provided by Dow Jones, the company that many financial professionals also use on their brokerage terminals.


Stockpickr is a social stock picking website, where everyone can give their insights as to why some stocks are a good buy or sell opportunity.

The site also offers sample portfolios, most notably one that tries to mimic the stock pickings from the world's most successful stock picker, Warren Buffet.

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