Swiss Forex Broker

Swiss forex broker companies include Dukascopy and Mig Investments.


Dukascopy is a Swiss financial brokerage that offers direct access to the Swiss forex marketplace. The company is regulated under membership of ARIF (, a self regulating organization whose goal is to insure correct application by all its members of existing Anti-Money Laundering legislation.

Dukascopy offers a full prime broker capability and utilizes an extensive network of banking partners.

MIG Investments

MIG Investments is headquartered in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, a region known for strong traditions in finance and security.

Their services are regulated by the standards of the Swiss Federal Department of Finance (SFDF), and the company is also a member of ARIF.

Their affiliation, according to the company, is only with AA rated banks and highly reputable and secure Swiss and European financial institutions for additional services beyond FX brokering.

Advanced Currency Markets

This is a Geneva, Switzerland based FX brokerage that also offers forex white label services to banks and brokerage clients.

In addition to having a physical office in Geneve, the company also has operations in site in Montevideo, Argentina, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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