Travelex Currency Exchange

Travelex currency exchange retail market operations are the world's largest for a foreign exchange company.

The company is perhaps best known for their foreign exchange retail outlets in airports, railway stations, and seaports around the world.

However, apart from their massive retail operation, the company is also one of the leading suppliers of international payments, travel assistance services, and bulk shipments of currency banknotes worldwide.

One of the key businesses for the company is the supply of Travel Money Services to banks, travel agents, and other institutions for their customers.

The Travel Money Services to third parties include remote ordering and delivery services, supplying stocks, and fully staffed white label bureau de change operations.

The company also has a pre-paid card service with which one can use similarly to a credit card, with the key difference being that the card is preloaded with cash.

The prepaid cards have been popular as travel currency for travelers, international students, and they are also used in many company reward programmes.

The company has a website at, through which you can reach all their online currency exchange services.

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