Virtual Stock Market

Virtual stock market game is a MarketWatch/Dow Jones organized free online stock market game.

With the stock market game, you can:

  • Create public or private games with a balance of cash that you personally set
  • Choose from thousands of available games
  • Test your strategy with a personal trading portfolio before investing with real money

In a nutshell, you participate in an online simulation trading game, in which you build and manage your portfolios and compete in games against your friends, classmates, colleagues or other players, with no real money in risk.

Many see this game as a way to build their toolset of skills for actual trading, and for testing and refining your real world strategy, and for gaining investing experience without the risk.

Your in-game portfolios can include stocks and funds traded on the NYSE, Nasdaq and AMEX exchanges.

MarketWatch also provides research resources and current market news from their website to help you make informed decisions, just like you would would do in real life.

One of the popular ways to start playing the game is by creating your own. To do this, you establish rules that include starting cash balance and game end date as well as advanced features such as volume limitations, and margin accounts.

Another way is to join a private game (by invitation only) or you can try one of the many public games available and compete against virtual investors from around the world, similarly like you would in real life.

Tracking how good your results is also simple. Real-time rankings are available for all members and you can see your own customized game summary on the VSE home page.

The home page of the game is located at

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