Vision Investing

Vision Investing Group provides stock advice, tools and knowledge for better investment decisions.

It is a company that has been developing, designing, and marketing educational and coaching programs for investors or traders, with the aim of achieving above-average profits in investment strategies.

To do this, they have come up with a 3-step process:

1) The investors or traders need to learn to utilize a unique method of technical analysis that combines the Elliott Wave Theory with selected Fibonacci ratios.

2) Understanding proper money management and risk/reward ratios for doing trading and investing in a risk appreciative manner and profitably.

This is because all of the available trading systems will misjudge market moves and give false signals at some point and these money management systems are primarily designed to reflect this inherent risk in the systems.

3) Choosing strategies to take advantage of the coming market moves, depending on whether the models are saying the market is going to move one way or the other over a period of time, or whether the market is going to stay flat.

As for the history of the company, it was co-founded by Shane H. Rawlings and Chad M. Stubbs who saw a need to educate the individual investor to manage his own money in the changing world. The company has a website at

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