washington real estate investment trust

Washington Real Estate Investment Trust is a Maryland based, NYSE-listed real estate trust.

The organization was founded in 1960 and keeps its headquarters in Rockville, Maryland,

The strategy of the company, according to the company web site (at writ.com) is to invest in a diversified range of income-producing property types.

The aim of the company is to acquire and manage real estate investments in markets they know well and protect assets from single property-type value fluctuations through diversified holdings.

The type of property investments the company says they focus upon:

  • Geographic focus in Washington-Baltimore metropolitan region
  • Property-type diversification
  • Small tenant focus

Resources for Washington Real Estate Trust Information

If you'd like to know more about the criteria for investments, more about the company, and more about the overall strategy, you can take a look at the official web site.

However, in-depth information can be found from several other sources, as this is a NYSE-listed company.

Many financial information providers and market research firms provide analyses and detailed outlook for the company.

These companies include:

  • Hoovers (hoovers.com)
  • shibuimarkets.com (an aggregator of information and resources)

For SEC filings, which contain a lot of information about the company and its operations, you can look up the filings (in real-time) for free at freeedgar.com.

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