World Stock Market

World stock market is an online stock exchange and banking game run by Hope Capital Pty. Ltd of Australia.

The official name of the game is "World Stock Exchange" and it allows businesses in real life, the internet & virtual worlds to raise capital, pay dividends and gain brand awareness by participating in the game while providing students, professionals, enthusiasts, traders and investors with an opportunity to learn in a simulated gaming, trading and banking environment.

The website through which players and participants enter the virtual environment is

According to the company, WSE is a platform providing users with operations 24 hours, 7 days per week.

Traders have access to real-time and historical trading data allowing you to make informed decisions based on that data.

Also, client administration system that the platform has, provides companies with the ability to post regular announcements and updates on key financial data to shareholders along with the ability to distribute dividends.

To learn what the website and the virtual environment is about, you should take a moment to learn about it from the introductory video:

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