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Foreign Money Exchange Rates

To find foreign money exchange rates, especially for some of the smaller currencies and cross rates, you can use some of the more popular exchange rate conversion tools or go directly to the countries’ central bank resources.

The benefits of using popular online conversion tools are that these are very handy and quick tools, made with the end-user firmly in mind (that’s why they’re so popular). However, most of these tools use data from either directly from central banks or from companies that gather central bank data.

Therefore, you can directly go to the source of foreign money exchange rates by accessing the central bank statistical data directly.

Foreign Money Exchange Rates – Popular Conversion Tools

There are many popular currency conversion tools that let you do exchange rate conversion from one currency to another, even for the smaller currencies.

The latest trend in these tools is a pop-up window tool, which allows you to keep a handy pop-up window open as you surf the web. Then, if you need to make a conversion, you just go to the open pop-up page, and do the conversion.

The most popular online currency conversion tools that also allow you to do conversions for the smaller currencies are:


Foreign Money Exchange Rates – Central Banks

Almost all of the countries in the world that have their own currency have some kind of a central bank that sees after the country’s currency exchange rates.

Many of these central banks also offer daily and historical exchange rates as part of their public service. Therefore, you usually find the original source for any exchange rate information from the central banks themselves.

Many of the central banks offer their data online. If you’d like to make currency conversion with foreign money exchange rates, you may want to go to the official site of the country that uses the currency, look up the exchange rate, and do the conversion with this data.

Fortunately, there is one authority that keeps the database of central bank’s websites up-to-date. The Bank of International Settlements has been authorized to include website information for many banks. This information is located at

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