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Investing with Peter Schiff

If you're interested in investing with Peter Schiff, there are a couple of ways nowadays to do it.

Most are interested in investing according to the Peter Schiff principles, meaning the selective stock picking method where he stresses the importance of stocks with real earnings power (steady and high dividend payments), and companies located in fundamentally strong economies.

One of the ways that most do when investing with this philosophy in mind, is to contact one of the stockbrokers at Euro Pacific Capital (europac.net) , which Schiff is the President and CEO of.

These stockbrokers are well versed in the philosophy that most customers to the brokerage are interested in, and know the inner working of the foreign markets and foreign as well as domestic companies that meet the investment criteria set by Peter Schiff.

Another way, that has been upcoming since late 2008, is to invest into one of the funds that are managed by Euro Pacific Capital.

In late 2008, the company applied for a licence to run funds as a fund management company, and that is one of the ways that the clients that subscribe to the Schiff philosophy are able to use his views to make money.

Finally, you can always invest your money based on the interviews given on investing with Peter Schiff, in media outlets such as CNN, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and CNBC, and use any brokerage to do it, including Euro Pacific Capital.

However, you should note that Euro Pacific Capital is one of the so-called "full-service" brokerages, meaning it's fees are higher than those of the most discount brokerages available to at least the U.S. investing community.

This way, if you are confident you can replicate the investment advice of Peter Schiff on your own, you can do so, cost-effectively.

Self-investing without the brokerage in-between has been, in the past at least, popular for those who want to buy gold as recommended by Schiff, but do so directly from places like Perth Mint.

Where, however, Euro Pacific Capital can add most value, according to the company, is on purchases that are for foreign capital market stocks or bonds, and consolidate your purchases on one account statement with the brokerage.

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