Toronto Stock Market

Toronto stock market is the largest in Canada, third largest in North America and seventh largest in the world.

The stock exchange is based, as the name suggests, in Toronto, and it is operated by an entity called the TSX Group.

The stock exchange has listings from a wide variety of sources, including Canada, United States and other countries.

In addition to the conventional securities listed at the exchange, there are also exchange-traded funds, split share corporations, income trusts and investment funds available for investors to invest in.

The specialty of the TSX is mining and oil & gas sector, as there are more mining and oil & gas companies listed there than any other exchange in the world.

The exchange has its origins with the Association of Brokers, which was formed by Toronto businessmen on July 26, 1852, and transformed into the stock exchange in 1861.

Formal incorporation by an act of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario came much later, in 1878.

The current form Toronto stock exchange is the result of several mergers, including Standard Stock and Mining Exchange merger in 1934 and Canadian Venture Exchange merger in 2001.

The TSX is home to most major Canadian publicly traded companies, including CIBC, Bank of Montreal, Bank of Nova Scotia, Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto-Dominion Bank, Air Canada, Cameco Corporation, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., Canadian Oil Sands Trust, EnCana Corporation, Husky Energy Inc., Imperial Oil Ltd. and Nexen Inc.

The stock exchange has a website available at

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