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The world of investments is an ever-expanding field of different financial instruments and markets to choose from. Financial market innovation ensures that keeping up with the new financial products and starting research the markets on your own can be an overwhelming task.

Here, you'll find basic information on some of the major instruments and markets, all in one place, to help you on your research efforts. This way you'll save time and effort, which can be put to better use, researching the actual companies or financial products.

Sometimes investors keep their field of knowledge too narrow. By expanding your knowledge about the different markets and financial products, you may get new investment ideas, portfolio weighting strategies, or risk management tools, for example.

Keeping Up with the Market Changes

In addition to the basic information, this site has been designed to offer advice on further resources and educational tools. Most of the further resources, apart from professional market training, are completely free, providing a great return on invested time, to put it that way.

The articles put emphasis on the major financial product areas, but you'll find discussion on the on-going innavation in this field, which continuously provides links between different product areas.

For example, financial innovation has brought us credit derivatives, new commodity markets (such as emission trading), and negative coupon bonds, to name few examples. You might also be interested in forex investing.

The areas covered include:

investment go-betweens (banks, advisors)
different types of investment funds
the dark side of investing (fraud)
international aspects of investing
and much more.

Put together, you'll find a well rounded view on financial education, research resources, and financial markets, to get you to the next level on your efforts to become a better investor.

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