Forex Trading Systems

The amount of forex trading systems available has exploded in recent years. This is partly due to demand from smaller investors who need an easy system to follow in order to learn the markets.

Because the majority of systems for sale rely on a small amount of indicators to forecast the market movements, the systems mostly use technical analysis in decision making.

Most of the systems that use fundamental analysis (with personal opinions on the market) are self-made by professional traders and not easily transferable to anyone else’s use.

Forex Trading Systems – Providers

There are systems providers for all kinds of needs. Some of the newer trading systems use a combination of technical analysis, neural network pattern recognition, and genetic algorithms for optimization.

However, most of the popular FX trading systems available use simple technical analysis trading rules, with parameters optimized for historical performance.

When buying a system, you have to be extra careful as historical performance is no guarantee of future performance. And because most of the systems have parameters optimized for historical performance, the historical results seem from very good to excellent for most systems.

Here are some of the available providers of forex trading systems:

  • NeuroShell Trader
  • Prediction Dynamics
  • TradersTech
  • Chuck Le Beau’s System Traders Club
  • Prudent Trading Systems
  • MechTrader
  • Eridani Strategic Trading

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