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Additional Forex Guide Resources

Best Forex Brokers
Here is a selection of the best forex brokers available, featuring competitive inter-bank-grade spreads, wide product ranges, and award-winning software.

Introducing Forex Brokers
Introducing forex brokers are forex brokers who maintain client relationships with their clients, while the actual trade execution, floor operations, and back office are handled by another company.

Forex Trading Brokers
When choosing forex trading brokers, your primary concerns include best possible trade execution, reliable back office functions, and competitive prices.

Mini Forex Currency Trading
Mini forex currency trading offers forex trading on mini forex accounts with low minimum account size requirements, but with access to competitive spreads and live forex trading.

Euro Currency History
Euro currency history has its origins in the founding documents of the European Union's precursor, European Coal and Steel Community.

Old German Currency
Before the euro age, the old German currency was the Deutsche Mark, or DEM.

Mexican Currency History
Here's a short Mexican currency history since independence from Spain (from Sep 28, 1821).

Pictures of Mexican Currency
Pictures of mexican currency legal tender coins and notes includes three series of pictures for notes (Type B, C, and D notes), and two series for coins (Type B and C coins).

India Currency Exchange
India currency exchange operations are managed on national level by the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999, (FEMA).

Pictures of Brazil Currency
Pictures of Brazil currency, the Real, which has been the legal monetary system unit as of 07.01.1994.

Forex Day Trading
Forex day trading is one of the most exciting and fastest growing areas of day trading, partly due to the popularity of mini forex accounts.

Forex Swing Trading
Forex swing trading is a method and strategy for trying to profit from the intermediate term price fluctuations in the biggest financial market in the world, the market for foreign exchange.

Forex Trend Trading
Forex trend trading with technical or fundamental analysis approach is a method for trying to make money from long term up or down price trends.

Debt Loans
Debt loans have different characteristics depending on how banks and lenders profile your lender risk in relation to the amount borrowed.

Review of ForexOnline site resources to learn forex markets and trading.

Formal Forex Trading Education
If you’d like to learn forex trading, there are sources for formal forex trading education available.

Foreign Exchange Trading Services
Foreign exchange trading services provide assistance for you to trade efficiently. You can purchase services individually or buy complete package from one-stop-shop brokerages.

Forex Trading Schools
There are many forex trading schools available. Some are associated with investment firms, some with exchanges, while others are independently run by trading teachers.

Forex Forums
Forex forums offer a great way to get started in learning FX markets and trading. In addition, you can avoid some of the early pitfalls by discussing with the experienced traders and moderators.

Free Currency Trading Education
You can learn much about forex markets and trading with one of the free currency trading education resources.

Currency Forex Online Trading Platforms
Currency forex online trading platforms are normally a unique bundle offered by the brokerage.

Technical FX Trading Systems
Technical FX trading systems can be purchased ready-made or you can make your own proprietary system.

Brokerage Forex Trading Training
If you’d like to learn to trade specific trading platforms or get rebates to courses, brokerage forex trading training is the most convenient way to go.

Popular Online Forex Brokerage Firms
Here are some quick reviews of the most popular online forex brokerage firms.

Wireless Currency Trading Signals
Even though you are on the move, you don’t have to be disconnected from trading. Services offering wireless currency trading signals may be enough to keep you up-to-date.

Affordable Currency Trading Training
Affordable currency trading training gets you started for well under $300.

Currency Exchange Rates
Currency exchange rates used in currency trading by the market makers are offered in two-directional quotes, one to buy currency and one to sell currency.

Free Forex Charts
If you don’t get free forex charts with your brokerage account, you can supplement you trading information with one of the free chart providers.

MGForex Review
Mgforex is one of the advanced online forex brokerage pioneers. Here’s a quick review of the site and service.

Currency Conversion
Most of the currency conversion services do not use real-time forex data and should be treated as approximate. You can do conversions online or download software to do conversions offline.

Exchange Rates Data
To test trading systems and strategies, you can use one of the online providers of historical exchange rates data.

Offshore Forex Brokers
Forex brokers that are incorporated offshore and operate online offer the discretion and privacy of an offshore jurisdiction combined with the ease of Internet investing.

Forex Analysis
If you’d like to get your hands on top-notch forex analysis, you have many free resources to choose from, both from academics and practioners.

Currency Trading Software
Currency trading software solutions are used to trade the market. In addition, these solutions may come as “black-box” software, where you don’t know the rules of the system.

Forex Trading Strategy Books
Forex Trading Strategy Books give you perspective to either devise your own trading strategy, or purchase a ready-made one.

Cheap Forex Trading Software
Cheap forex trading software systems enable you to get a trading system for a bargain price.

Forex Day Trading Systems
Forex day trading systems have become more common with recent regulatory changes that made it harder to day trade stocks.

Forex News
Most popular forms of forex news services are available as newsfeeds to your trading platform, as online news sites, and as forex magazines.

Forex Directory Services
Forex directory services are a great place to deepen your search for companies, products, and forex services.

FXTrek Review
Fxtrek is a popular producer of forex related services and products. Here’s a quick review of the company.

Currency Futures Exchanges
There are several bigger currency futures exchanges, located in Chicago and New York.

Forex Trade
Participants in the forex trade include importers/exporters, investors, banks, speculators, arbitrageurs, etc.

Canadian Dollars Exchange Rate
Here is the best resource to find canadian dollars exchange rate, both the current rate as well as historical rates.

Exchange Rate Pound Dollar
To find exchange rate pound dollar, the official central bank sources are among the best resources.

Foreign Money Exchange Rates
If you’d to find out foreign money exchange rates, cross rates for smaller currencies, the best resources are to use some of the more popular currency conversion tools or central bank resources.

Singapore Exchange Rates
Good resources to find Singapore exchange rates include the Monetary Authority of Singapore and other popular local financial sites.

Exchange Rate Forecast Services
Exchange rate forecast services help you in planning for the future by giving their expected rate predictions.

Mexico Exchange Rates
Mexico exchange rates for the peso are available from the central bank of Mexico plus from companies offering rate information.

Canadian Money Exchange Rate
Here are some additional resources that you can use to find Canadian money exchange rate, both historical rates and the current interbank rate.

Euro Currency Exchange Rates
To get Euro currency exchange rates, you can use the European Central Bank’s resources.

Currency Exchange Rates Conversion
To make forex conversions, you might want to think about getting currency exchange rates conversion software.

Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Converter
Here’s a quick guide to the most popular online foreign currency exchange rate converter services.

Exchange Rate Yahoo Service
The exchange rate Yahoo service is one of the most highly rated currency conversion tools available. Also, there are local versions of the tool for many areas.

Hong Kong Exchange Rate
To get Hong Kong exchange rate information, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority is definitely not the most convenient place to look for latest rates.

China Exchange Rates
Apart from Hong Kong, China exchange rates are available for the official currency, Renminbi (RMB).

Exchange Rate Euro vs Dollar
As one of the most traded currency pairs and most requested tourist exchange rate, exchange rate euro vs dollar is one of the most watched financial indicators in the world.

Exchange Rate Pounds
In addition to the resources at Bank of England, here are some more services to find exchange rate pounds.

Philippine Peso Exchange Rate
As is the case with many other currencies, the central bank is one of the best sources for Philippine Peso exchange rate information.

New Zealand Exchange Rate
To find New Zealand exchange rate information for the dollar, you can use local services from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, or from other local exchange rate services.

Exchange Rates Today
Not all services that offer rate quotes provide them up-to-date. Here are some of the resources that offer up-to-date exchange rates today.

Historic Exchange Rates
Historic exchange rates are available from online services offering rate conversion and rate finding tools.

Australian Currency Exchange Rates
Australian currency exchange rates information is available from the central bank and from other local resources.

Exchange Rate Euro Pound
Daily exchange rate Euro Pound is best found from official sources, namely the European Central Bank. There are also resources for the real-time rate.

Exchange Rate Yen
Here’s a list of resources to find exchange rate Yen as a real-time rate, daily rate, and for long term historic rates.

Tourist Exchange Rates
Rates for tourist money differ from interbank rates. Therefore, best resources for tourist exchange rates are the companies that handle tourist money exchange.

Money Currency Exchange Work
Money currency exchange work and jobs can be found from finance specialist recruiters and from the forex companies directly.

Chicago Currency Exchange Futures
Chicago currency exchange futures market is operated by the big derivatives marketplace, Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Exchange Rate Peso Dollar
Here are the best resources for live, daily, and historic values for exchange rate peso dollar.

International Money Exchange Rates
International money exchange rates and related forex information can be found from full-service exchange rate portals.

Currency Exchange Rate Chart
Currency exchange rate chart information is available as daily charts and historical rate charts.

Forex Chart Signal
When you look for forex chart signal providers, you really are looking for signals based on specific trading systems.

Brokerage Forex Chart
Brokerage forex chart services are available for both normal and mini forex accounts.

Forex Technical Analysis
Forex technical analysis uses the same principles that are applied to stock and commodities markets, for example.

International Currencies
There are nearly two hundred international currencies that you can easily get an instant quote for.

US Currency Exchange Rate
US currency exchange rate information, in news and analysis format, is available for free from the major information providers like Reuters and Bloomberg.

Forex Broker List
Any forex broker list includes investment banks with dealing rooms, commercial banks with treasury operations, and online brokerages that serve the larger marketplace.

Forex Training Toronto
There are forex training Toronto courses available, although your location matters less and less when most courses are offered online.

Historical Forex Data Download
Historical forex data download is possible from many commercial data providers as well as for free from central banks and online forex portals.

Trading Schools
Most trading schools are, unfortunately, aimed mainly at stock traders.

Trading Mentors
Trading mentors work much like mentors in business world: they offer guidance to the best success methods based on their personal experience.

World Currency Exchange Rates
World currency exchange rates are available from online sources and you can get them to your mobile phone as well.

Managed Forex Accounts
Managed forex accounts offer a way to spread your market risk to currencies.

US Dollar Chart
US dollar chart are available from data providers, forex brokers, and free forex portals.

US Dollar History
US dollar history resources offer a glimpse to the history of the American currency. You can also get historical dollar rates from official and un-official sources.

Euro Currency Picture
Euro currency picture information is available from free web resources.

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