Money Currency Exchange Work

Money currency exchange work and employment are widely advertised in online specialty recruiters. Also, most of the forex companies post available positions in their web sites.

If you’d like to find work in the forex industry, the web is full of resources to find jobs, prepare cover letters and cv for finance job applications, and prepare for the interview.

The best online job resources in this regard are specialty sites that cater to the finance industry in exclusion of others. For the companies, this ensures a more focused and professional set of applicants.

Money Currency Exchange Work – Specialty Sites

Michael Page ( focuses on recruitment for their clients and the company is known for expertise in finance related fields including banking & financial markets. The company has offices in 16 countries and reach in many countries beyond their established office locations. is an online job help and placement service from the Wall Street Journal. You’ll find money currency exchange work that is especially targeted at the management and professional level. There are also great articles on continuing education for financial pros. is dedicated to the recruitment of finance professionals, including forex market positions. The company claims to have one of the most comprehensive online databases for professional finance jobs.

Money Currency Exchange Work – Companies

Seeking employment within the industry should not stop to looking at the career sites for finance. Some of the best resources for forex related jobs can be found from the companies web sites, normally under “careers” section.

If you’re a university student, many bigger brokerages and investment banks have a schedule for university recruitment, and also specific web sites dedicated to university recruiting for the capital markets divisions that contain forex related jobs.

Careers in currency exchange related jobs include trading, research, brokers (client dealers), financial engineers, etc. Some of these jobs require advanced university degrees, while others are weight more heavily on past performance and suitability for the position.

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