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Guide to the Best Forex Resources

Forex market is the biggest financial market in the world. Moreover, currency trading is one of the fastest growing forms of investing.

Hereís how to find information and resources to deepen your knowledge about the fast and exciting world of foreign exchange and how to use it for trading purposes.

Internet has changed the way people view forex markets. No longer are the best currency analyst reports unavailable to the public, live real-time data too expensive for common investors, or capital requirements too high.

In fact, many companies have introduced mini forex accounts, with starting capital requirements for selected accounts in some brokerages under $1000. These smaller accounts have made currency trading available to everyone, increasing the need to be educated on forex and currency trading.

Ways to Learn About Forex Markets

There are many ways you can learn about forex markets. If youíre a business student, many universities have classes in foreign exchange operations and macroeconomic mechanisms that affect currency fluctuations.

Outside of the formal education field, you can learn about forex and currency trading from traders, salespeople, and analysts. Moreover, you can learn foreign exchange operations from educators through specifically arranged seminars, courses, and mentoring.

And donít leave out forex magazines and books for background information and latest news to keep you ahead of the curve.

Forex Trading Systems and Solutions

Once youíve covered the basics of foreign exchange operations, you might also want to know the ways currency trading is done, through brokerages, forex trading systems, and with different currency trading systems.

The tools and services youíll need for you own forex trading or operations will depend on your particular approach to forex.

In fact, many corporations do not want to take any risks with forex fluctuations and will hedge their positions. Others, traders and speculators, seek to profit from the fluctuation with their systems and views.

From this site, youíll find information on resources that will help you understand better the complex world of investments for forex markets and currency trading.

There is also a complementary website for information in languages other than English for 外汇, 외국환, Forex PortuguÍs, and иностранной валюты.

Also, for car rentals, check out the Car Rental Directory.

Forex Guide Blog
Information about site updates and news from investment and forex world.

Forex Search
Here's a Forex Search to find currency exchanges, banks, and other information featured at Forex Guide.

Forex Guide Site Map
Site map to

Learning Forex
Learning forex markets can be done with courses, mentoring, seminars, and from magazines and books.

Forex Instruction
Getting forex instruction for trading purposes gives most of the benefits of forex mentoring programs for a bargain price.

Forex Mentoring
In forex mentoring you learn in an on-going fashion in one-on-one education covering forex market strategies, trading rules, and forex trading psychology.

Forex Seminars
Use forex seminars to learn how the markets work from the best in the business.

Forex magazines
Forex magazines offer the latest news and analysis from forex, FX options, currency futures, and other FX derivative markets.

Forex Books
There are forex books available for all levels of learning needs, for beginners, intermediate-level traders, and professional traders.

Learn Currency Trading
You can learn currency trading from books, courses, and personal training.

Currency Trading Tutorials
Currency trading tutorials educate you about the basic functions of the FX markets from trading perspective.

Currency Trading Courses
Use currency trading courses to learn about trading rules, market psychology, and trading systems.

Currency Trading for Beginners
Currency trading for beginners includes back-testing of the trading system, paper trading, and mini forex accounts.

Forex Trading Solutions
Nowadays, you can choose to make your own trading system, purchase parts of ready-made systems, or purchase one of the complete forex trading solutions.

Forex Trading Strategies
There are 2 basic categories of forex trading strategies, technical analysis and fundamental analysis. To use more advanced trading strategies, you can study one of the strategies used by hedge funds.

Currency Trading Techniques
Learning currency trading techniques, in addition to trading strategies, will prepare you for actual trading situations.

Forex Trading Systems
There are dozens of available forex trading systems. Most of the systems use rules derived from technical analysis.

Forex Recommendations
The major banks and independent research firms offer forex recommendations for traders, corporations, and investors.

Forex Predictions
There are two main approaches to how forex predictions are done: technical and fundamental approach.

Forex Advisory
Forex advisory services are mainly offered in newsletter, trading signal advice, and corporate advisory formats.

Currency Trading Information
The most important currency trading information sources are Reuters and Bloomberg. Traders with smaller accounts can rely on online information sources and brokerages.

Forex Signals
Services for forex signals provide information on when to go long or short a currency pair. This recommendation is usually based on the provider’s technical analysis-based trading system.

Forex Charting
Forex charting is used extensively in technical analysis. In addition, those using fundamental analysis can derive information from charts as well.

Real-Time Forex Charts
There are real-time forex charts available from professional charting systems and integrated into dealing platforms.

Forex Exchanges
There are no actual physical forex exchanges. Instead, the FX market is an Over the Counter (OTC) market with transactions conducted by direct dealing through telephone lines or an electronic system.

Mini Forex Accounts
Mini forex accounts offer a possibility to trade the forex market with small to medium size trading capital.

Forex Brokerages
Forex brokerages offer a convenient gateway to the foreign exchange trading.

Links to Additional Resources
Links to additional useful forex resources.

Risk Disclosure and Terms of Use
Risk disclosure and terms of use.

Currency Futures Exchanges
There are several bigger currency futures exchanges, located in Chicago and New York.

Forex Trade
Participants in the forex trade include importers/exporters, investors, banks, speculators, arbitrageurs, etc.

Canadian Dollars Exchange Rate
Here is the best resource to find canadian dollars exchange rate, both the current rate as well as historical rates.

Exchange Rate Pound Dollar
To find exchange rate pound dollar, the official central bank sources are among the best resources.

Foreign Money Exchange Rates
If you’d to find out foreign money exchange rates, cross rates for smaller currencies, the best resources are to use some of the more popular currency conversion tools or central bank resources.

Singapore Exchange Rates
Good resources to find Singapore exchange rates include the Monetary Authority of Singapore and other popular local financial sites.

Exchange Rate Forecast Services
Exchange rate forecast services help you in planning for the future by giving their expected rate predictions.

Mexico Exchange Rates
Mexico exchange rates for the peso are available from the central bank of Mexico plus from companies offering rate information.

Canadian Money Exchange Rate
Here are some additional resources that you can use to find Canadian money exchange rate, both historical rates and the current interbank rate.

Euro Currency Exchange Rates
To get Euro currency exchange rates, you can use the European Central Bank’s resources.

Currency Exchange Rates Conversion
To make forex conversions, you might want to think about getting currency exchange rates conversion software.

Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Converter
Here’s a quick guide to the most popular online foreign currency exchange rate converter services.

Exchange Rate Yahoo Service
The exchange rate Yahoo service is one of the most highly rated currency conversion tools available. Also, there are local versions of the tool for many areas.

Hong Kong Exchange Rate
To get Hong Kong exchange rate information, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority is definitely not the most convenient place to look for latest rates.

China Exchange Rates
Apart from Hong Kong, China exchange rates are available for the official currency, Renminbi (RMB).

Exchange Rate Euro vs Dollar
As one of the most traded currency pairs and most requested tourist exchange rate, exchange rate euro vs dollar is one of the most watched financial indicators in the world.

Exchange Rate Pounds
In addition to the resources at Bank of England, here are some more services to find exchange rate pounds.

Philippine Peso Exchange Rate
As is the case with many other currencies, the central bank is one of the best sources for Philippine Peso exchange rate information.

New Zealand Exchange Rate
To find New Zealand exchange rate information for the dollar, you can use local services from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, or from other local exchange rate services.

Exchange Rates Today
Not all services that offer rate quotes provide them up-to-date. Here are some of the resources that offer up-to-date exchange rates today.

Historic Exchange Rates
Historic exchange rates are available from online services offering rate conversion and rate finding tools.

Australian Currency Exchange Rates
Australian currency exchange rates information is available from the central bank and from other local resources.

Exchange Rate Euro Pound
Daily exchange rate Euro Pound is best found from official sources, namely the European Central Bank. There are also resources for the real-time rate.

Exchange Rate Yen
Here’s a list of resources to find exchange rate Yen as a real-time rate, daily rate, and for long term historic rates.

Tourist Exchange Rates
Rates for tourist money differ from interbank rates. Therefore, best resources for tourist exchange rates are the companies that handle tourist money exchange.

Money Currency Exchange Work
Money currency exchange work and jobs can be found from finance specialist recruiters and from the forex companies directly.

Chicago Currency Exchange Futures
Chicago currency exchange futures market is operated by the big derivatives marketplace, Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Exchange Rate Peso Dollar
Here are the best resources for live, daily, and historic values for exchange rate peso dollar.

International Money Exchange Rates
International money exchange rates and related forex information can be found from full-service exchange rate portals.

Currency Exchange Rate Chart
Currency exchange rate chart information is available as daily charts and historical rate charts.

Forex Chart Signal
When you look for forex chart signal providers, you really are looking for signals based on specific trading systems.

Brokerage Forex Chart
Brokerage forex chart services are available for both normal and mini forex accounts.

Forex Technical Analysis
Forex technical analysis uses the same principles that are applied to stock and commodities markets, for example.

International Currencies
There are nearly two hundred international currencies that you can easily get an instant quote for.

US Currency Exchange Rate
US currency exchange rate information, in news and analysis format, is available for free from the major information providers like Reuters and Bloomberg.

Forex Broker List
Any forex broker list includes investment banks with dealing rooms, commercial banks with treasury operations, and online brokerages that serve the larger marketplace.

Forex Training Toronto
There are forex training Toronto courses available, although your location matters less and less when most courses are offered online.

Historical Forex Data Download
Historical forex data download is possible from many commercial data providers as well as for free from central banks and online forex portals.

Trading Schools
Most trading schools are, unfortunately, aimed mainly at stock traders.

Trading Mentors
Trading mentors work much like mentors in business world: they offer guidance to the best success methods based on their personal experience.

World Currency Exchange Rates
World currency exchange rates are available from online sources and you can get them to your mobile phone as well.

Managed Forex Accounts
Managed forex accounts offer a way to spread your market risk to currencies.

US Dollar Chart
US dollar chart are available from data providers, forex brokers, and free forex portals.

US Dollar History
US dollar history resources offer a glimpse to the history of the American currency. You can also get historical dollar rates from official and un-official sources.

Euro Currency Picture
Euro currency picture information is available from free web resources.

Financial Software for Forex Trading
The different packages of financial software for forex trading manage the various back-office functions of foreign exchange dealing.

Forex Trading Forums
Forex trading forums allow you to interact with other FX traders, compare trading systems, and learn about the best brokerages.

Online Forex Trading Systems
Online forex trading systems give the trading signals on the web. Other major platforms for trading include Email, Software, and TradeStation.

Additional Forex Guide Resources
Additional Forex Guide resources.

Forex Market News
Forex news from around the world.

Mini Forex Brokers
Mini forex brokers include FX Solutions, RefcoFX, and CMS-Forex.

Currency Exchange Los Angeles
Currency exchange Los Angeles bureaus include American Express, Amforex Foreign Currency Exchange, and Bank Notes Exchange.

Currency Exchange New York
Currency exchange New York bureaus include Avis Currency Exchange New York Limited and Foreco International Capital Mgmt Incorporated.

Currency Exchange Chicago
Currency exchange Chicago bureaus include 103rd & Western Currency Exchange Inc, Chicago Rush Currency, and Chicago Cicero Currency Exchange Inc.

Currency Exchange Directory
Here's a currency exchange directory of forex exchange operations throughout the nation.

Bank Directory
A directory of banks throughout the nation, including banks in major and many smaller cities.

Bank Directory
Directory of banks.

Bank Directory 3
Directory of Banks and banking institutions.

Bank Directory 4
Directory of banking institutions and banks.

Bank Directory 5
Directory of banks, financial institutions and lending establishments.

Bank Directory 6
Directory of banks and banking companies.

Bank Directory 7
Directory of banks and financial institutions.

Guide to investments and investing basics.

Investments Resources
Here is a list of resources for investing in the financial markets.

Additional Investment Resources
Some additional investment resources for financial planning, finding solutions, and setting investment goals.



guía de la divisa
guía de la divisa

Guia de la Divisa 2
Guia de la divisa 2

Guide rapide et facile aux meilleures ressources de forex
Guide rapide et facile aux meilleures ressources de forex

Guide de Forex 2
Plus de guide de forex

Guida rapida e facile alle migliori risorse dei forex
Guida rapida e facile alle migliori risorse dei forex

Guide dei Forex 2
Guide dei Forex 2

Forex Gids
forex gids

Forex Gids 2
forex gids 2

速く、容易なガイド 最
速く、容易なガイド 最もよい外国為替資源に - Nihongo Forex Guide

速く、容易なガイド 最
速く、容易なガイド 最もよい外国為替資源に Nihongo Forex Guide 2

Szybki i Łatwy Przewdonik the Najlepszy Rynek walutowy Zasoby
Szybki i Łatwy Przewdonik the Najlepszy Rynek walutowy Zasoby

Szybki i Łatwy Przewdonik the Najlepszy Rynek walutowy Zasoby
Szybki i Łatwy Przewdonik the Najlepszy Rynek walutowy Zasoby

Snabbt och lätt vägleda till de bäst Forexresurserna
Snabbt och lätt vägleda till de bäst Forexresurserna

Forex Svenska 2
Forex Svenska 2

Guia rápida e fácil aos mais melhores recursos de Forex
Guia rápida e fácil aos mais melhores recursos de Forex

Guia rápida e fácil aos mais melhores recursos de Forex
Guia rápida e fácil aos mais melhores recursos de Forex

kvikk og lett håndbok til forex
kvikk og lett håndbok til forex

빠르고 쉬운 가이드Forex 제
빠르고 쉬운 가이드Forex 제일 자원에

빠르고 쉬운 가이드Forex 제
빠르고 쉬운 가이드Forex 제일 자원에

Быстрое и лег&
Быстрое и легкое руководство Луч

Быстрое и лег&
Быстрое и легкое руководство Луч

Billionaire Guide
Directory of world's billionaires, world's richest people.

Credit Card Information
Credit card Information

快和容易的指南 对最佳
快和容易的指南 对最佳的外汇资源

快和容易的指南 对最佳
快和容易的指南 对最佳的外汇资源

γρήγορος και εύ
γρήγορος και εύκολος οδηγός για forex

Valuutta Opas


Investoinnit 2
Investoinnit 2

Valuutanvaihto Opas

Stock Brokers Directory
Stock Brokers Directory

Venture Capital Directory
Venture Capital Directory

Refinance Directory
Refinance Directory

Forex Courses
Use forex courses to learn more about foreign exchange operations and get direct feedback on your progress.

Forex Greek 2
Forex greek

ξενου αρθρα 3
ξενου αρθρα 3

Forex Greek 4
forex greek

Forex Articles
Forex articles ranging from articles about 1929 Crash of Stock Market to articles about Heathrow Airport Currency Exchange Rate.

Forex Articles 2
Forex articles ranging from articles about investing into Italian lifestyle to investing in India.

Forex Articles 3
Forex articles about issues such as New York Stock Market and 1987 Stock Market Crash.

Forex Articles 4
Forex articles about issues such as Stock Market Quotes and Investment Company of America.

Forex Articles 7
Forex articles about issues relating to personalities on investment markets, investment strategies, and how to learn to trade efficiently.

Forex Articles 6
Forex articles including articles about Fibonacci retracements and other technical analysis methods.

Forex Articles 5
Forex articles ranging from articles about how to exchange currency to stock market holiday schedule.

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