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Forex Advisory

Forex advisory services are offered in its purest form as advice to larger corporations that need to hedge, manage, or invest in foreign currency denominated assets.

However, with the expansion of forex as an investment and speculation form to smaller investors, nowadays advisory services are also offered to individuals.

To find the biggest foreign exchange advisory teams, look up advisory sections from the major bank’s trading floors. These forex advisory teams help corporations structure multi-currency bond offerings, hedge multinational cash flows with FX derivatives, and advise on multinational investment portfolios, for example.

In addition, for individuals, there are services that offer advice on trading calls. These services will send you either a newsletter with recommendations or, in the most straightforward form, alerts on signals that mean either that it is time to buy or sell a currency pair.

Forex Advisory – For Corporations

Larger corporations are in an enviable position when it comes to advice. Usually, when these firms have accounts with one of the larger (investment) banks, they also have a direct phone number to the currency research desk in the bank's trading floor.

The research people can advise on all kinds of forex trading calls, from intra-day outlook to long-term perspective.

Furthermore, if companies need to use more complex transactions, they can ring the forex advisory services of these banks. No company does this as the first choice, however, as the advisory services cost a bundle.

Forex Advisory – For Individuals

Individuals with no connections to larger businesses usually rely on sources that advice on newsletter or signal alert format.

These newsletters usually recommend investing (going short or long) certain currency pairs. The calls may be based on macroeconomic outlook (fundamental analysis), technical analysis, or a combination of different approaches to currency trading.

Signal alert services send, via email, phone, or otherwise, signals that the recipient should go long or short a certain currency pair. These signals are usually based on technical analysis indicators, so that the recipient of the service knows what criteria have been fulfilled for the alert to be sent.

Forex Advisory – Providers

The major commercial banks and investment banks with dealing rooms, such as Goldman Sachs and Citibank that serve larger corporations with bond and M&A advisory services, can also offer forex advice.

For individuals, there are many providers of forex advice. Here are some examples that you may look into for newsletter or signal alert based service:

  • Currency Bulletin
  • Investica
  • Technical Research Limited
  • LTG FX
  • AlarmTrades
  • Team Forex
  • FX-Tarmax
  • My4Ex
  • Currency Market Watch

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