International Currencies

There are nearly two hundred international currencies that you can easily get an instant quote for.

Not all countries use their own currency and instead rely on a common currency (like the European Euro) or on a currency of another country.

The best list Ive found for currency codes (many of them ISO (International Organization for Standardization) codes) and places these currencies are used at from (located at

The page contains currencies sorted by the geographical areas in which they are used, and currencies sorted by their three-letter code.

International Currencies Currency Sites

There are convenient currency sites with information on the many currencies around the world. One of the easiest ways to find the currencies on a particular region is to find graphical, map interface that allows you to find currency rates for all of the currencies in a select region.

For example, you can easily convert USD against all of the European currencies or any other region available on the map.

There used to be these type of interfaces for currency conversion around, but many of these currency conversion sites have folded in recent years.

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