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Brokerage forex chart services have become a standard item in the selection of services you get with an online account. If charts are any value to you depends on whether you use technical chart analysis or not.

For those that do not use charts on their trading strategy, viewing charts may be a distraction and nothing more. The worst situation can occur if the trader has no trading strategy and makes trading calls on the fly.

However, for strategies with chart analysis, online brokerage’s charts may provide some visual help in determining trading calls. These charts, despite being accurate, may not provide enough tools for technical analysis, so that the charts would be useful enough.

Therefore, many download price data to their separate technical analysis system (which may be anything from excel sheet to a commercial technical analysis software package).

Brokerage Forex Chart – Availability

For most small and medium sized online forex brokerages, the charting package is integrated to the trading platform, so all is ready with one installation. Many trading software packages include execution, market information, and account management tools, all wrapped into one.

The bigger forex brokerages excel in trade execution with their platforms, and their customers usually buy separate packages for market information and forex chart services. Also, the biggest, select clients may get direct technical analysis chart recommendations from the market analysis team.

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