New Zealand Exchange Rate

New Zealand exchange rate information is widely available on the Internet. Handy resources include the Reserve Bank of New Zealand and other local services.

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand acts as the central bank for the country, regulating banking and offering central bank services.

As part of the central bank’s service, there’s a lot of information on the dollar, including historical daily rates, background information on the economy, and more.

New Zealand Exchange Rate - Reserve Bank of New Zealand

The service from Reserve Bank of New Zealand offers mid-market daily rates for recent exchange history. This information is provided against the major currencies of the world. The site is located at

Also, the rates are offered as daily reference rates, with no information on the current intra-day trading range or latest value of the currency.

Therefore, you might want to use one of the other services to supplement rate information on the dollar.

New Zealand Exchange Rate – Other Service Providers

The limited scope of the central bank’s service leaves room to discover more services that might help in evaluating and analyzing the currency exchange rate of the dollar.

Among these services, you can find charts, historical rates, and more. Here are some of the available sites:


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