Mini Forex Brokers

Mini forex brokers include FX Solutions, RefcoFX, and CMS-Forex.

Usually, when you conduct mini forex trading online, the mini trading account at your brokerage uses the same trading platform as the regular trading account, although this might not be the case with all brokerages.

The initial deposition (minimum account size) requirements to open a mini forex account are typically much smaller than for a regular account.

Also, the minimum contract sizes are typically fractional to the normal forex trading lots.

Choosing a brokerage is a very important part in any trading strategy.

When choosing a brokerage, keep an eye on the bid/ask spreads the brokerage offers, the additional services the brokerage offers, and the backoffice functions that the brokerage has, just to name a few of the areas that you should keep your attention in.

Before choosing a broker, sign up for a demo account on one or more of the brokerages topping your comparison chart. This way, you can get to see in live situations whether the brokerage can meet your expectations and keep their promises.

Mini Forex Brokers Directory

FX Solutions

Offers commission-free, online currency trading, including mini and standard forex accounts.

GCI Financial Ltd

Online currency broker providing 24 hour commission-free trading, including mini forex accounts, free charts and quotes.

Global Forex

Offering mini and regular forex accounts online.


Offers online foreign currency forex trading. Direct access to the currency trading platform and news.


24-hour online currency trading with an unlimited demo account possibility.

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