Canadian Money Exchange Rate

For Canadian money exchange rates, here are some of the best additional resources to the one offered by the Central Bank of Canada. The services offer both current rates as well as historical rates.

Many of the independent service providers work together with third parties, normally commercial banks that originally get their data from the Central Bank of Canada.

Canadian Money Exchange Rate –

Canoe ( offers money rates with a Canadian viewpoint. In addition to the basic exchange rate quote service for major currencies, you can also get

  • cross rates information,
  • currency calculator for conversions, and
  • Canadian dollar news service.

The Canoe basic exchange rate service is provided in co-operation with Royal Bank of Canada, a major Canadian bank.

Canadian Money Exchange Rate – University of British Columbia

Another source for Canadian dollar rates is from the University of British Columbia’s business school at

In addition to the current rates in a table format, the service offers the following services for the Canadian dollar:

  • Analysis (daily)
  • Noon official spot rates
  • Forward rates
  • Real-time rates (via Yahoo-finance)
  • A history of the Canadian dollar

As for the analysis, you get statistical analysis from the service relating to the CAD's current position against other major currencies, the rate change statistics, volatility analysis, and correlation tables, explaining co-movements between currency pairs.

The service is free for all, provided by Prof. Werner Antweiler at the UBC’s Sauder School of Business.

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