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Forex mentoring offers the most comprehensive approach to forex and currency trading you can get. Because mentoring is both expensive and takes a long time, most courses have the aim of producing forex professionals that trade for a living.

In mentoring, look for personalities with a successful track record in forex trading. Also, look at the biography of the person providing the mentoring service. Both should show successful commitment to trading and forex markets.

Also, you should carefully look at the mentoring program outline. The program should provide a complete methodological and disciplined approach to foreign currency trading.

Best Forex Mentoring Courses

If you’d like to participate in foreign exchange mentoring programs, there are some programs that provide more that others do.

The best programs have on-going one-on-one training as long as the client is ready to start trading for her own account. Before that, the personal FX mentoring process should ensure that the mentor reviews your rehearsal trading calls and feedback is given on progress.

Another important factor is the preparation for mental aspects of trading given in the FX mentoring. The mentor should have experience dealing with high pressure trading environment, preferably from an established investment bank environment.

To get the best deal on mentoring, look for programs with hourly billing rates. This way you can flexibly control how much you spend on mentoring and increase or decrease the amount of mentoring you receive on a snap.

Nowadays, there are many companies offering foreign exchange mentoring. Below are a couple of examples you might want to take a look at.

Forex Mentoring Providers – Learn:Forex

In addition to mentoring, this full service forex education house offers classroom training, Internet courses, and refresher courses for established traders.

The mentoring program from Learn:Forex offers private, one-on-one tutoring from an experienced forex trader. The program is given with in-person, internet, or telephone-based guidance.

In addition, the forex mentoring program uses hourly billing.

Forex Mentoring Providers – Concorde Forex Group

Concorde Forex Group offers one of the most quoted forex mentoring programs for individuals aspiring to trade for a living. In fact, they also educate mentors to provide the mentoring service on their own.

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